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Want to Heal FASTER and DEEPER?


Heal Yourself Topics

Summary Tips for Healing
The 1-2-3 Method

3 Phases of Healing
Water for Health
Moist Heat Therapy
Lymph System Health
Fascia Health
Women & Loose Ligaments

Using MSM for Joint Health
More to come!

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daisyHERBAL REMEDIESwhen part of a commitment to practical wellness strategies — can move very quickly and deeply within body systems toward health restoration, treating both symptoms and cause. What you need are some tips to get the job done!

In our clinical consultations, we always suggest practical strategies soundly based in Wellness and science. For example: increase water intake, stay active, reduce intake of acidic food, increase Magnesium intake, use moist heat, take care of the Fascia, etc.

Begun March 2016, we are confident this webpage will help support your use of herbal remedies and pursuit of optimal wellness. Simply click on the link for a topic highlighted below (or the side menu).  A new page will open for the topic, and who knows, you may obtain BLISS!

All our Health Tips are primarily Low-cost, No-cost, Commonsense, Mostly Backed by Science, Readily Available, FREE . . . you get the idea!


When we speak of wellness, we are referring to the concept of holistic health — assessing the whole of a person's lifestyle choices that support health & well-being, and that enhance health restoration from injury or condition. There are 7 key areas of wellness in which to develop health-restorative strategies, as listed below. All the articles in this webpage support these 7 components of Wellness:

                           Diet & Nutrition                 Exercise & Fitness
Stress Management         Rest & Relaxation
                           Environmental Health     
Support System
                                                  Personal Beliefs



The 1-2-3 METHOD:
Using a Topical & Oral Remedy Together

arthritisCell-by-cell, your body entirely recreates itself every 1-12 weeks (depending upon body part) — a perfect Healing Window.

During this time, one goes through 3 overlapping Phases of Healing. This is the best time for optimal health restoration.

A TOPICAL remedy assures deep dermal penetration. An ORAL remedy is quickly released into the bloodstream. Used together, a topical and oral protocol is an invaluable strategy for fast and deep healing during the 3-month Healing Window, and beyond.   

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The 3 Phases of Healing

jewelEvery injury, health or disease condition goes through three overlapping stages of healing:

  1. Inflammation
  2. Repair
  3. Remodeling

Understanding these phases will help you create an effective healing strategy.

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Moist Heat Therapy

It is a scientific fact: Deep cellular healing is escalated dramatically when Moist Heat is applied to the affected area, as compared to dry heat.

Moist heat may simply be a heating pad placed over a slightly damp cloth.

Moist Heat perfectly complements the topical application of a Magnesium spray, liniment and/or salve.

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DISEASESInflammation is the critical first phase of injury and healing. Therefore, it is important to create a healing strategy that treats inflammation.

Chronic low-grade inflammation (and stress) is a silent crippler of health. There are numerous reasons for such a condition, mostly related to diet.

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The Healing Benefits of WATER

Increase your water intake when taking medications or herbal supplements!

water heartIncreased daily water consumption is critical to overall health and specific healing.

We want you to know why!

Learn about the health value of water, how to integrate water into your healing protocol, and how to engage in a 100-oz per day water challenge for 30 days.

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Lymph System Health

An injury or health condition immediately taxes the Lymphatic System and our Immune System.

Our Lymphs lie beneath our dermal layers. They serve to rally antibodies to an affected site and to transport spent cellular debris and toxins away to the liver and kidneys for further processing

You MUST MOVE so that your Lymphs work properly to flush things out while you are healing.

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