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 SS tincture

1oz and 2oz bottle

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Cortesia Acute & Chronic Injury Salve
Not for open wounds

A Bestseller!

Works great with a tincture, tea and/or liniment, depending upon health condition. Or, use by itself!

Contains 7 healing herbs

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1oz jar  -  $15
2oz jar  -  $28



Cortesia Healing Salve

All-purpose everyday use
& emergency first aid

Thousands sold since 1995!

A very popular
Open wounds okay

Contains 12 powerful herbs!

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1oz jar  -  $15


Solomon's Seal Tea
is now . . .



Organic Solomon's Seal root
Kernal grind

Make your own

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2oz bag  -  $10




SS Spray

2 oz Spray Bottle

All-organic liniment in a
Witch Hazel & Isopropyl Alcohol base

Specially formulated with Solomon's Seal and 9 powerful herbs to give quick-acting
relief for:

Sore or Stiff Muscles
Sprains & Bruises
Deep Tissue Healing
Loosening joints
Stimulating blood circulation
Reducing pain & swelling
and more!

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For over 34 years, partners C. Forrest McDowell, PhD and Tricia Clark-McDowell have been committed to help people embrace wellness in all aspects of their life. Their endeavors have been internationally acclaimed, whether it be through their gardens and woods at their 22-acre Cortesia Sanctuary, gardening publications, promotion of peace and sanctuary, music, art and photography, and the healing properties of plants.

A dedicated interest in the value and use of the plant, Solomon's Seal, is in keeping with the McDowells lifelong interests in horticulture and health & wellness. The intent is to bring every bit of integrity from their other successful endeavors into a sound and thorough examination of the healing properties of Solomon's Seal and select medicinal plants. In 2014, they began another earnest research into the use of Magnesium Therapy as an essential foundation for health. This was in response to Forrest contracting Lymes Disease in 2011.

Tricia & Forrest McDowellTricia Clark-McDowell  has been a devoted gardener for decades with a special interest in the restorative qualities of plants. She is a Master Gardener and regularly increases her knowledge about the healing potentials of plants by taking courses and training in herbalogy. Her degress are in Fine Arts and Gerontology. She is also a Reiki Master. Beyond her being a fine writer, Tricia is also an accomplished photographer and watercolor artist who shows regularly at galleries throughout the Pacific Northwest.

C. Forrest McDowell, PhD holds a doctorate in combined study of Health Education, Counseling Psychology, and Leisure Studies. He is also a composer and concert guitarist. As a professional writer, he enjoys humor, poetry, essays, and all things related to the subject of health and wellness

The McDowells believe their life work is to help people understand the concept of sanctuary in daily life, at the practical, philosophical and metaphysical levels. Their website One Sanctuary offers the visitor inspiration and information to help create peace and sanctuary on Earth and in daily life. Their attitude is this: Peace on Earth - among nations and individuals - begins with each person. Earth is a miraculous Sanctuary worthy of reverence and respect. All Earth's species, including its biological and geographical qualities, deserve a human commitment to stewardship.

One Sanctuary also features the McDowells' stunning 22-acre parcel of woods and gardens, called Cortesia Sanctuary. Cortesia Sanctuary is located on an isolated ridgeline outside Eugene, Oregon, a thousand feet above the Willamette Valley floor. In year 2000, Cortesia Sanctuary was honored by the White House as a National Heritage Garden as part of the New Millennium Green Project, guided by Hillary Rodham Clinton. This recognition honors the McDowell's efforts to steward and showcase not only the Pacific Northwest forest (typcially mixed fir), but also its gardenstyle and vegetation.

sanctuary garden bookThe McDowells are orginators of the Sanctuary Garden design. Their seven design elements, as chronicled in their bestselling book, The Sanctuary Garden (Fireside Books, 1998, presently out-of-print), launched an international movement in gardening that has embraced sanctuary gardens, healing gardens, quiet gardens, peace gardens and the like in diverse settings. The McDowells are popular speakers at conferences on any of these subjects, presenting a stunning slideshow and original music.

home composting bookThe McDowells are also authors of the world's most popular book on composting, the 32-page guide Home Composting Made Easy (Cortesia Press). Over 2 million copies have been distributed since its publication in 1998. Their 68-page guide, Grow Your Own Food Made Easy, has helped hundreds of thousands of gardeners young and old learn how to create a nutritional garden.  You can learn more about these books at their website There you will find over 25 topics about home composting, richly illustrated with step-by-step instructions. .

With a strong commitment of service to their community, and to this planet, the McDowell's also maintain a 34-year devotion to daily meditation, dedicating several hours each day to its practice. They consider this to be the fount from which they sip inspiration and dedication to service. Their commitment to living simply and with reverence for life and health, guided deeply by a Cortesian Worldview also sustains their spirit.

"Ours is a celebration of how one can live on Earth with heart and soul. Our approach to life is as the hummingbird: sipping the nectar without bruising the flower."

Always, Peace and Reverence.
Tricia Clark-McDowell
C. Forrest McDowell, Ph.D.
Sonji McDowell

Contact Information:
Cortesia Sanctuary
84540 McBeth Rd
Eugene, Oregon 97405 USA

Phone: 541-343-9544

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