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MgdropMagnesium is critical for health, healing, and maintenance of energy. Everyday, this "king of minerals" acts as a catalyst and cofactor of many hundreds of enzymes and minerals.

It is estimated that perhaps 80% of people are deficient in this precious life supporting mineral everyday. Magnesium's deficiency in the body has been directly linked, via extensive medical research, to many diseases and health conditions. Indeed, life cannot exist, nor heal itself from injury or disease, without the energy Magnesium gives to cellular regeneration.

As you read this, you are probably MAGNESIUM DEFICIENT and don't know it — you may be living with conditions or injuries that critically need Magnesium supplementation and restoration. Magnesium could save your life!

Transdermal Magnesium is the immediate topical application of Magnesium Chloride (MgCl) to affected areas and the lymph system. This method, using concentrated topical sprays, lotions or gels, is the safest and most efficient way to use Magnesium for immediate benefits, when compared to the low bioavailability and laxative effect of oral ingestion. Transdermal medicine is a well-established medical procedure, often used as patches on the skin for quick absorption (example would be nicotine patches for smoking cessation).


In 2011, C. Forrest McDowell, PHD, one of the founders of this website, contracted
Lyme Disease that forever changed his life.

The complex symtoms of this disease have provided Forrest with a rich testing ground for many conditions others face with their unique health issue, be it joint, bone, bronchial, muscle, mental-emotional, strains, bruising, you name it!

You can read his story HERE




As educators, herbalists, gardeners, and wellness practitioners with over 80 years of combined experience — AND ourselves experiencing the aging effects of life via certain injuries and diseaseswe are absolutely convinced that Magnesium holds a key role in health and healing.

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What Causes Too Much Depletion of Magnesium in the Body?



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Petroleum-based Agriculture
Our soils are exhausted of essential minerals as a result of using pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and synthetic fertilizers

Food Supply
As a result of non-organic agriculture, our produce has very little nutritional value because it lacks vitamin and mineral content

Acidic Diet & Processed Foods
The typical Western diet is acidic, not alkaline-based. Consequently, there is very little bioavailability of Magnesium and other trace minerals

Oral Magnesium Supplements
There is very little bioavailability (5-15%) of Magnesium in oral supplements

Higher Levels of Stress
The sense of real or perceived stress in life today floods the body
with uncontroled Cortisol and Calcium, quickly depleting body stores of Magnesium

Increased Diseases and Injuries
Any injury, trauma, stress, or disease is a major depleter of Magneisum in the body. Today, there is a host of aggressive bacteria and viruses, mutations of diseases, and increased susceptibility to injury or other medical complications

Magnesium Was Once Plentiful

Over 100 years ago, Magnesium was plentiful in our food and water. Since that time, and especially since 1980 when industrial agriculture practices intensified use of synthetic inputs in the soil and on plants, our daily dietary intake of Magnesium has dropped steadily to the point where Americans now consume less than half of the daily Magnesium we did 100 years ago.

Modern large scale farming techniques have diminished Magnesium from our soils and most fertilizers don't contain Magnesium to replenish the ground. Also, modern water treatment plants remove magnesium from our drinking water during the filtration process, leaving us with "clean" water, devoid of vital minerals.

The result is that Americans can no longer get even the daily U.S. RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of Magnesium, let alone the higher levels which many researchers think necessary to maintain proper health. The World Health Organization and other health agencies now believe that 75-80% of the population in the industrialized world is Magnesium deficient. With so many people consuming less than 50% of the daily recommended intake, is it any wonder that many of us are dying from diseases that rarely existed in the 19th century?

Farming Practices

Unfortunately, agriculture is not, and to a great extent, never has been as it should rightly be—feeding and enriching the soils and the land, while at the same time producing from it, foods with the perfect balance of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients in an amazing and unique positive balance processl. Instead we have an agricultural system that globally pollutes the waters with toxic runoffs, depletes the soils with chemical herbicides, pesticides and Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium (NPK) fertilizers, all of which help to slowly but surely sterilize the earth’s surface.

And you can be sure that the situation has gotten worse. Just to illustrate the point, all chemicals, whether they are those found in fertilizers, in herbicides or in pesticides, contribute to Magnesium wasting. Pollutants in the air that fall back down in the form of acid rain waste Magnesium stores because it is simultaneously a potent acid buffer and the most water-soluble of the macrominerals. Therefore, it is also the most affected by acid rain and runoffs saturated with agricultural chemicals.

In short, almost all soils on agricultural land (non-organic based) everywhere are magnesium deficient, some totally depleted, others just greatly depleted. All foods grown in these soils are inevitably also magnesium deficient, and in some cases even more due to the excess potassium in the chemical fertilizers that prevent the plant from taking up magnesium.

Processed Foods

To make matters worse, any processing of a food in its natural form, will most effectively deplete its Magnesium content. Here again this is due to Magnesium’s super water solubility such that with every step of processing, more Magnesium is lost from the already Magnesium-deficient food. The result is that all processed foods are basically devoid of it. Fluoride, the reactive industrial by-product and poison that is put into many municipal drinking waters under the false pretense that it is good for the teeth, seeks out minerals like Magnesium, and by binding to them makes it impossible for the body to absorb or use. (This is just one of the many, well researched and well documented negative effects of water fluoridation. See the Fluoride Action Network for plenty more details.)

Increased Stress

The last straw in this Magnesium-depleting scenario is our own ever more stressful lifestyle. Always more stress: stress related to the economic situation in our country; stress related to the stability of “The Market”; stress related to the economic stability of our company; stress related to the security of our own job; stress related to our professional and therefore social status; stress related to worries about our kids’ wellbeing, happiness, social development, about their future; stress related to all those deadlines we have to meet, and to those that we set ourselves for our personal projects that somehow always slip to the bottom of the pile of books sitting collecting dust next to your bed; stress about how to save money for hard times, and about where we will go on our next holiday; and on and on and on. Incredible but true: the more time passes, the more technological advances are made, the more stuff we are able to make and use and buy, the more stress there seems to be in our lives.

And what does stress have to do with magnesium? Very simply: stress depletes magnesium and magnesium deficiency magnifies stress. How do we know this? By doing a simple experiment where adrenaline is introduced in the bloodstream intravenously, and seeing the levels of magnesium drop immediately, together with those of calcium, potassium and sodium. Stop the adrenaline and they start to make their way back up, but unfortunately, is takes magnesium the longest to recover to physiological concentrations. But the fact is that every time we feel any kind of stress, adrenaline triggers our fight-or-flight response, in which the heart starts pumping, digestion is stopped as blood is diverted from the digestive system to the arms and legs, blood also thickens by the release of clotting factors to prevent excessive blood loss in case we get injured, glycogen stores are released from the liver to be made available as glucose for immediate energy use in the heart, lungs and muscles, and yes, all of these processes are intensely magnesium-dependent, and at the same time, intensely magnesium-depleting.


by C. Forrest McDowell, PhD

Sometimes as health practitioners we find ourselves faced with health challenges ourselves. At age 67, I have been fortunate to live a healthy life with no major medical intervention necessary. But healthy diet, exercise, stress management, and peaceful living aside, I contracted Lyme Disease in 2011 — it has changed my life forever in numerous ways.

Forrest Let me first share some things about me that make my approach to self-care quite different than most people. In a way, I have chosen my life as an experiment to determine how much I can take care of myself outside the established medical system. I have successfully avoided doctors, hospitals, medications, invasive surgery, or the like for any of my ailments or injuries. Instead I have studied anatomy and folk medicine and the psychology of illness most of my life, seeking the most practical and least expensive, commonsense (but historically documented) ways to treat myself.

The major health challenges I have faced in life are depression, chronic fatigue, and Lyme Disease. The lifelong depression certainly was from many years of emotional and physical abuse in childhood that continued into the over 35 years of partnership with Tricia (the master herbalist responsible for all our herbal remedies). I always considered the fatigue as simply part of life. But, Lyme challenged me beyond comprehension.

I did not know I had Lyme Disease (LD) until too late. We live amidst 22-acres of woods and gardens and are always out in nature. Our cats are outdoor-indoor, and we periodically need to remove tics from them. We are used to getting “owees” and insect bites. Sometimes there is swelling or redness, but you simply clean it and slather some good healing salve on it and you’re good to go. Days after bitten, a telltale red bull’s eye appeared at the sight of the bite just below my right ribcage.

I did not connect the bite to flu-like symptoms, and then so much more that appeared within the first two weeks. So I treated myself for flu and low energy, which included nausea, vomiting, fever and achiness. Curious about the appearance of the red bull’s eye, I identified its association with a dreaded tic bite and Lyme Disease.

How I have treated my Lyme condition naturally, from detection in February 2011 through 2014, is another story altogether that I plan to share another time. The first 2+ years were HELL, as I tried to understand the pattern connecting all my symptoms. My herbal therapy helped tremendously but still left some healing work undone. Perhaps the major consequences of my conditions were needing to give up performing concerts and playing/studying my lifelong love, the guitar (I am back to playing again, after healing!), not being able to write because of lack of mental focus, and experiencing fatigue and loss of stamina and motivation. Here is a list of my symptoms (classic signs of LD when seen as a whole):

  • Achy and stiff joints, especially limbs; swollen joints in hands and fingers
  • Depression and listlessness, often severe
  • Brain fog, short-term forgetfulness
  • Muscle wasting
  • Nerve sensitivity
  • Minimal appetite, weight loss
  • Chronic fatigue, loss of motivation
  • Loss of stamina and endurance
  • Irregular heart rate
  • Fever and chills (alternating)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Bronchial infections
  • Gastrointestinal sensitivity
  • Sleeplessness and disruption of sleep patterns
  • General mental anxiety, lack of situation-appropriate calmness, variable anger outbursts

I know many of you believe me a fool not to get medical help. However, the controversy about Lyme Disease is so huge in the medical community that I simply did not want to get caught up in the same medical-diagnostic run-arounds that I read so many others experiencing. Besides, I began to treat LD as something necessary in my life: instead of an enemy, I saw it more as a blessing to help me refine my dietary lifestyle, exercise patterns, use of plant medicines, and level of faith in healing.

In Spring 2013, I had a severe deteriorating bronchial illness. I lost 23 pounds in 30 days (down to 153 lbs for a guy over 6 feet tall!), and severe coughing caused a torn rotator cuff. And that is when things turned around.

Buried in a medical article by a doctor investigating LD, was the statement that LD patients are severely deficient in Magnesium. This is because the Borrelia spirochete in LD uses Magnesium for its own destructive ends. At the same time, I became aware of the power of restoring essential micronutrients into the body via juicing. I was determined to fight the disease/bacteria with an onslaught of vitamins and minerals straight from the organic plant or food source — juicing and diet.

I began a dedicated juicing protocol that also included herbal tonics sipped throughout the day (specifically oil of oregano, clove oil, lemongrass, rosemary, and others individually, not mixed together). Vitality and health began to return, and quite quickly!

In June 2014, however, I was still dealing with moods, lack of motivation, and chronic fatigue — these and other body aches that still slightly lingered as a result of my injuries in 2013. That is when I finally made the connection between many of my symptoms, and lifelong depression and moodiness — all these pointed toward a significant deficiency: Magnesium. I learned then that most diseases and injuries cause significant Magnesium deficiency, as thousands of research studies have shown.

mgforrestcoloradoI immediately began a Magnesium Therapy program, twice daily doing a full transdermal body spray with Magnesium Chloride. I used a regular strength spray at the time. I knew my vegetarian diet, and juicing, were providing a good and natural supply of Magnesium and other important micronutrients. Altogether, I probably was loading up over 2000 mg of Magnesium daily, and it mattered!

The benefits were almost immediate — the first month of use was absolutely amazing:

  • My depression and mood shifts ceased, replaced with an elevated sense of spirit
  • Mental alertness and clarity replaced brain fog and short-term memory loss
  • Mental calmness allowed me to feel more relaxed amidst stimulus, stressful or not
  • More energy, and lasting energy
  • Sound sleep (when asleep) — little interruption, although still sleeping in 2-3 hour shifts; awaking feeling fitful (it took a couple of months for me to finally be able to sleep almost all night without interruption — a boon for waking up rested and ready to go!)
  • Skin: soft, smooth and glowing; skin spots lightening; skin tags flaked off
  • Pain relief, period
  • No aching or stiffness in joints, especially hands and fingers; arthritic swelling gone
  • My shoulder injury began immediate recovery and strengthening with full range of motion
  • Muscle wasting stopped and weight gain commenced

In mid-July 2014, I had an opportunity to test Magnesium Therapy on a silly back injury sustained in the gardens — I broke a couple of the lower floating ribs in a blunt force accident. I immediately applied MgCl spray several times the rest of the day and rested. Although an injury of this type simply takes time to heal (4-6 weeks), and usually causes initial bruising and muscle trauma, I did not experience this. This is worth noting: little or no interrupting pain, no bruising, no stiffness; simply quick and silent healing while using my Magnesium spray for the few weeks necessary to heal.

It is one thing to feel the difference that Magnesium Therapy and a supportive diet can do for one personally. However, it is what closest family or friends witness that is revealing. Perhaps the most dramatic results my family saw in me have been more mental and emotional balance and calmness with no moods or depression (i.e. more cheerful and easy going), definitely more energy and vitality, and a more glowing appearance (Mg is great for the skin!).

I have become a student of Magnesium Therapy and its effect on numerous conditions. It has helped our family, especially Tricia with skin cancer, and our 30-year old daughter, Sonji, with her GI, skin and mood/depression concerns (all resolved!). I am aware now how many, many other life conditions are dependent upon the proper supply of Magnesium in the body to deal with them. My lifelong moodiness and depression lifted almost immediately, in spite of years of other attempts to treat it naturally, just by restoring optimal Magnesium levels. No more using an abusive childhood home life as a reason; I understand now how chronic low-grade stress felt everyday can significantly alter chemical balance in the body, majorly depleting it of the most important mineral — often called the “king of minerals” or the rejuvenation mineral — necessary for energy, regeneration, and calming of mind and nerves.

mgforresttriciaIn self-care, we sometimes fool ourselves by imagining improvement simply because we want it so bad! However, I have nothing between me and my food source and herbal interventions, including Magnesium: no drugs or medications, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy and the like all of which deplete Magnesium dramatically from the body. For this reason, I believe I have a very clear sense of what works and does not work for me.

I have tremendous faith in healing once we have the essential knowledge necessary to adapt healing strategies to our needs. I am not big on platitudes, but I am willing to say that Magnesium Saved My Life. After recent years of chronic conditions, and lifelong depression, I feel more empowered than ever before. I also have a go-to strategy that is incredibly inexpensive and often immediate in its benefits: bringing more Magnesium into my life, and definitely more LOVE!

The information presented on this website is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease, illness or distressing conditions. Individual results may vary. It is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider and/or to fully educate yourself as to the benefits and possible complications of any alternative form of treatment.





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